Architecture Books by Ching

Recently I came across some books I had not looked at in a while, all written by Francis D.K. Ching. One of my favorites is “A Visual Dictionary of Architecture”.

Like all of Ching’s book it is filled with wonderful sketches. Ever wonder what the “hole” at the top of the Pantheon in Rome is called? How about the clasical orders and their proportions? I use this book whenever I can’t remember and architectural term.
Visual Dictionary of Architecture

Another book that I use as a resource is “Building Construction Illustrated”. Every time I need to show a student or intern the basic construction of a wall or floor assembly I reach for this book. I find this book much more useful than the very expensive, and for a student intimidating, “Architectural Graphic Standards”. Again the graphics and layout make it very user friendly.
Building Construction Illustrated

If you are an architecture student or interested in learning about space design check out “Architecture: Form, Space, and Order’ . Again great sketches and examples.

Form Space and Order

And for those “old school” draftmen who learned this craft pre AutoCAD there is “Architectural Graphics”. This book shows and describes what a lead holder is, how to use a triangle, drawing lead types and how to draw different types of views. This book show what was involved in drafting by hand production environments and the skills and tools required.

Architectural Graphics