AutoCAD Tutorial No. 01 [extrim]

I spend a great deal of my week showing / teaching fellow Architects and Engineers how to accomplish tasks and solve problems as they pertain to AutoCAD. Starting this today I will try to post a new AutoCAD tip or tutorial every week.
This weeks tutorial covers a little know and very useful command.

Extrim: Trims all objects at the cutting edge specified by a selected Polyline, Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Text, mtext, or Attribute Definition.

This command was once part of the AutoCAD Express Tools and is now relegated to the command line in release 2007. What this command does is allow the trimming of all objects around a cutting edge with a single pick. It can trim a few objects or hundreds all with a single pick. It is a huge time saver, for example, when trimming around a building on a site plan.

Type some text or mtext and draw a bunch of lines, arcs, polylines, whatever, going thru the text object.


Here is some text with lines going thru it. Issue the extrim command and select the text object. A bounding box will appear around the cutting object.The object (text) will be highlighted. Next left mouse pick any point within the bounding box.

Here is the resulting text trimmed of all lines.

Here is another example: A building with polyline grade lines and some yellow straight lines.

Issue the extrim command and select the blue “building” outline as the cutting edge when prompted at the command line. Next you will be prompted to select the side to trim on.


Here is the result from picking a point outside the “building” boundary.


Here is the result from picking a point within the cutting boundary area.

Pretty cool!