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Everyone Has Issues

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert has his own blog. I have been reading it for the last month. I like his style of writing and he always manages to make me laugh. Here is a snippet from todays blog:

Second, it’s my observation that almost everyone has some sort of mental problem. I’m dyslexic. You have ADD. The neighbor is clinically depressed. Your uncle washes his hands four hundred times a day. Your sister is an emotional basket case. Your best friend is a chronic masturbator. The guy in the next cubicle is on Prozac. The woman behind him is on Xanax. To her right is the guy on Paxil. He’s on the phone with the vendor who’s on Valium. And they all pray to invisible friends.

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Want to be more productive? I visit a Blog called Lifehacker regularly. It is full of helpful hints, tricks and software to accomplish just about anything, from interview tips to hacking into your ipod or getting better gas mileage. Whenever a friend asks “How do you know all this stuff” chances are I found it on Lifehacker. Check it out.